Bring a miracle by drinking much water

Bring a miracle by drinking much water

We all know water is the lifetime of the universe. Water is the beneficial component for our body. 70% of our body mass is made up of water. It removes toxins and wastes from our body. Everyday we lose water through urine, perspiration and many other way. So we may affected by dehydration.

Water for Skin:

Water is essential to maintain skin moisture. It keeps the skin well hydrated. Drinking much water is more important than applying moisturizers. It improves digestive system. Not only drinking but also taking cold water bath can reduce stress, You can also take hot water vapour for skin improvement.

To do water therapy at home, soak a towel in hot water for few minute. Then squize water well & lay it on your face.

Water for Hair:

Never use hot water on your hair. It’s too harmful for hair. Cold water rinse leaves the hair glossy and shiny. You can use any type of essential oil to distil water to make hair serum. This will give you shine in hair and relaxation too.

Water also helpful for weight loss. Keeps the digestive system normal. Keep fit your body.

So, drink pure water much and live happily.

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