Food for skin

Food for skin

Your skin type can be dry, oily, sensitive, acne-prone. Whatever it is you just undoubtedly need moisture your skin. Moisturizer can help keep skin in balance and stop producing more oil.

If you have dry skin you certainly need a daily dose of hydration for your skin.

Oily skin..! You also need a light moisturizer. Your skin may produce more oil. To balance it out you should do offer some hydration.

If you have sensitive skin, you know that a good moisturizer can redness skin issues like eczema. But you have to use a basic moisturizer without lots of added chemicals.

So, check it out. You surely find your best and suitable moisturizer here-

1. Nivea daily essential oil-free moisturizing day cream.
This is a matte cream. It will give you a matte finish. This moisturizer is very good for oily to combination skin.

2. Garnier moisture bomb day glow booster.
It will give you super hydration. It contains hydrochloric acid. so it can give you instant hydration. People who stay in air-conditioning all day you can wear this one. This cream is perfect for all type of skin.

3. Neutrogena visibly clear spot proofing oil-free moisturizer
If you have lot spot on your face you can use this. Then your skin spot will visibly remove. It is very lightweight, non-sticky.

4. Embryolisse lait creme concentrate.
It is also very light weighted. It gives hydration perfectly. If you are 30 or more than it is for you whatever your skin type is. It will give a smooth texture. But it is not a summer time moisturizer. But those who have a very very oily skin you must skip this one.

5. The body shop seaweed oil control gel cream.
It is good for oily skin. It has gel formula. It will control the excessive oil of your skin.

Bring a miracle by drinking much water

Bring a miracle by drinking much water

We all know water is the lifetime of the universe. Water is the beneficial component for our body. 70% of our body mass is made up of water. It removes toxins and wastes from our body. Everyday we lose water through urine, perspiration and many other way. So we may affected by dehydration.

Water for Skin:

Water is essential to maintain skin moisture. It keeps the skin well hydrated. Drinking much water is more important than applying moisturizers. It improves digestive system. Not only drinking but also taking cold water bath can reduce stress, You can also take hot water vapour for skin improvement.

To do water therapy at home, soak a towel in hot water for few minute. Then squize water well & lay it on your face.

Water for Hair:

Never use hot water on your hair. It’s too harmful for hair. Cold water rinse leaves the hair glossy and shiny. You can use any type of essential oil to distil water to make hair serum. This will give you shine in hair and relaxation too.

Water also helpful for weight loss. Keeps the digestive system normal. Keep fit your body.

So, drink pure water much and live happily.

Morning care for Skin

Morning care for Skin

Start a fresh morning with a glowing skin. A fresh starting will make you confident…!
Though we try to maintain make off before go to bed and use night cream, our morning skincare routines are lacking..!!! Usually we use a BB cream and grab a coffee in our hurry morning time. It’s just dangerously damaging your skin. So let’s try to a new starting…

Take a free hand exercise. It will boost up your skin.
Take a glass of water in empty stomach. You may take a cup of organic green tea instead of coffee. Green tea has rich anti-oxidant properties. So try to make it your habit.
Clean your face with light facewash. You may exfoliate twice a week.

“Toning”- we maximum skip this part. But truly it’s the most important part for a healthy skin. Toner always hydrated your skin. If you love your skin you have to love toner. It stops overproducing of oil. Use toner with a cotton ball. Remember, never scrub at your face.
Moisturizing your skin with vitamin-E enriched skin serum.

SPF- never ever skip sunscreen, even if your moisturizer contains SPF. Look for a product with an SPF 15 at least.

Yes, you have already done. Congratulations..!

Your skin is ready. Now you can use your regular makeup routine as you prefer.

Happy day with your nutritious skin.

Skin Care

Skin Care!!!


Every time you see a glowing faced woman, you think, seriously how does she do it? What type of magical procedures is she getting? How does she do..!
Secret is simple-
To hide the signs of your premature aging you need to come in the proper way. Follow a schedule, be beyond happy that you got with your plan. You just have to maintain some steps regularly. Know your skin type.

Dry skin
Oily skin
Combination skin
Sensitive skin

Clean Up:

You need to freshen up your skin first. The day long mask of makeup, skin oils and dirt damage your skin dangerously. All the dirt & bacteria on it can quickly break you out. So careful..!

Daily moisturizing is the best defense.
Greens are the best antioxidants for skin health.
Complete sleep can relax you what is important for you.
Sun shield using is good protection.
Exfoliate regularly to remove the dead, complexion-dulling skin cells.
Toning is help to keep balance pH levels.
Remind, your skin needs more water than you normally drink.

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